GCA will ensure all
Australians have
access to leading
Gene-Based Therapies

Our mission is to ensure everyone in Australia, living with an inherited disease, has access to appropriate, leading gene-based therapeutic trials.


A Very Special Feller

Harry Feller suffers from Usher Syndrome, a debilitating genetic syndrome causing deafness at birth and then blindness in adolescence. He has cochlear implants and can hear and speak perfectly well but we are now focusing on the imminent blindness.

GCA works through coordinated advocacy for Australian-based research into rare diseases and by financially supporting clinical trials of novel, scientifically sound therapies.

Latest News

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Genetic Cures Australia makes all funds raised through this site, through donations and through Government and Foundation support to go directly to scientific centres where direct research into cures for inherited genetic diseases and syndromes will be at the cutting edge. We aim for every cent to make a direct difference


$50 enables a cell line to be established from a person with an inherited disease


$2,500 will screen all genes of one person’s genome in a NATA accredited laboratory


$50,000 is the typical cost for a submission to the Therapeutic Goods Administration


$1,000,000 is the average cost to conduct an early phase clinical trial

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All research supported by Genetic Cures Australia has a scientific rationale that is not based on anecdotal evidence or patient testimonials.

We do not and never will support unfounded or unethical therapies.